Class Recordings

Each week, the ‘Caravan’ has a Thursday Evening Gathering.  These classes are an opportunity to study the philosophy and mystical practices which are the foundation of the Sufi path.  In particular, we present the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, which remain absolutely current despite the fact that they were given a century ago.

Music, meditation, prayer, instruction and sohbet or ‘spiritual conversation’ are the components of our Thursday evening gatherings. Led by our Representatives (Amir O’Loughlin & Zainab Paula Ford), we delve into such topics as ‘The Soul’s Journey’, ‘Graceful Passages’, ‘Mental Purification’, Sufi meditation and breath practices.  Currently, our focus is ‘The Inner Path.’ From time to time, our Thursday evening is dedicated to Zikr Sema (‘Remembrance’ through sacred sound & chant) in the Chishti-Inayati tradition.

Below are a few examples from our classes.

Amir O’Loughlin – Purification Breath Practice in Detail


Amir O’Loughlin – Tajrid (from the series Graceful Passages)


Zainab Paula Ford – Kinship


Further exploration of our audio recordings of classes can be found in our Archives