Daily Inspirations: the Bowl of Saki

My lips hold the prayer in them as the rosebud holds fragrance in its heart.

In 1921, Hazrat Inayat Khan published a book called The Bowl of Saki that contains inspiring phrases for each day of the year.  It is a compendium of 366 brief quotations, one for each day of the year, selected from his teachings and that are as relevant today as they were in 1921.  Many of the quotes came directly from his lectures, while others came from his personal notebooks.

Expand my heart, Lord, to the width of the sky, that the whole cosmos be reflected in my soul.

The word ‘Saki’ means wine-server and is frequently used in Persian poetry to describe the glorious Server who continually pours out the wine everlasting to all of humanity. For the Sufi, the greatest task of life is to become empty enough, selfless enough, to be a suitable receptacle for the wine which the Saki pours. Let Inayat Khan’s words fill your cup with spiritual wisdom.

Let the heavens be reflected in the earth, Lord, that the earth may turn into heaven.

Our dear friend, Wahiduddin, has compiled each daily saying and added related excerpts from Inayat Khan lectures. To order: Daily Bowl of Saki via Email

The Bowl of Saki can also be found in the book called The Complete Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, which can be ordered from Omega Press and other online sources.