“The first lesson that the pupil learns on the path of discipleship is what is called yaqin in Sufi terms, which means confidence.”    – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Initiates of the Inayati Order are asked to find a guide within the Order to work with them as they explore the Sufi path. A guide in the Inayati Order is a person with deep experience and grounding in the Sufi Message as brought by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the spiritual practices that are the foundation of the training that Initiates undertake.

Guides in the Inayati Order have been designated by the Pir to fulfill that function.  Many also are in the role of Representative, or Centre Leader.

The goal of training in Sufism is to become fully human, not to transcend one’s humanity. Thus, a Guide in the Inayati Order is not conceived of as a superior or more advanced being, but simply as a more experienced spiritual friend and companion on the path, providing inspiration and guidance. The Guide does not give absolute directives or attempt to substitute their own will or way of thinking for those of the seeker, but instead helps the seeker to gain confidence and develop their own will power, conscience and consciousness. This is in keeping with the principle of our tradition as being ‘The Path of Spiritual Liberty.’

The Guide-Initiate role is not intended for personal therapeutic counseling, nor should be considered a substitute for that if it is indicated. In this, Inayati Order teachers are bound by clear ethical standards and guidelines.

Please join us as we joyfully explore our Divine nature and unity using the practices of Universal Sufism. In this centre, Amir and Zainab have received the authority to be Guides.