Pirs, Teachers, and Guides

Tasawuf, or the ‘path to become a Sufi’ in its broadest sense is the mystical path to wisdom and Unity.  In that way, its history can be said to go back to the earliest forms and schools of mysticism which have existed amongst all peoples and cultures. However, a historical tradition of Sufi Orders can be clearly dated to the 7/8th-century C.E. in the Near East, from which stem numerous unbroken lineages passed from master to disciple, and then via successors, who were called Pir-o-Murshid, Shaikh, etc. one after another, duly connected as links in a chain (the silsila)

In the chain of transmission of the Inayati Order, the teachings and lineages of four great Sufi orders—the Chishti, Suhrawardi, Qadiri, and Naqshbandi—are united in its founder, Hazrat Inayat Khan. Today, there are numerous lineages and organizations tracing their origins to him. The Inayati Order represents the lineage passed directly to his eldest son, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and currently led by his grandson, Pir Zia Inayat-Khan.. Noor-un-nisa Khan, although not recognized as a lineage holder, led through inspiration and is recognized as the Order’s first saint.

The Inayati Order has many teachers of the Sufi way, including such luminaries as Shahabuddin Less, Aziza Scott, Taj Inayat, Gayan Macher and Devi Tide  And, here in Vancouver, Amir O’Loughlin and Zainab Ford are recognized for their expertise based on over 40 years of leadership each. They are both recognized as Representatives and Guides for students on the Path.