Shahabuddin Less

Shahabuddin LessShahabuddin David Less has been teaching meditation and inner practice for 45 years and is recognized globally as a teacher of harmonious living, health, meditation and personal transformation. He draws inspiration from his teachers: Pir Vilayat Khan, Murshid Sam Lewis, Joe Miller, and SwamiSundaranand.

He is a Senior Teacher in the Inayati Order International and co-director of Rising Tide. Shahabuddin is also a founding member of the Abrahamic Reunion, a unique group of well-respected spiritual leaders in the Holy Land and beyond, acting as a living example of harmony among the world’s religions.

Shahabuddin Less, Amir Peter O’Loughlin and Zainab Paula FordIn 1984, he founded David Less Tours, an international tour company which is promoting sacred travel and the exchange of ideas and heart connections among peoples of the world.

Universal Meditations: Recipes for a Peaceful MindShahabuddin has a powerful influence in the Caravan of the Heart centre as both of our teachers – Amir and Zainab – are his long time students.

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He is the author of Universal Meditations: Recipes for a Peaceful Mind.