Sufi Stories

Throughout the history of the way of the Sufi, storytelling has been used to present wisdom teachings in a form which entertains as much as it dispenses spiritual truths.  Many traditional Sufi stories (such as The Conference of the Birds and the many humourous tales of the whimsical “Mulla Nasruddin”) have spread far beyond the boundaries of Sufism and are now well known to a general public.


Sufi stories are often oblique in their message, much as the Zen koan is.  While there are some with straightforward punch lines or morals, many stories are more ambiguous and require contemplation and interpretation.


Here are some audio examples of Sufi stories: 

Pir Zia tells story of Fuzayl Bin Ayaz


Shahabuddin tells story of Moses, the drunk, and the High Priest


Sherif Baba tells the story of Watching (Raqib)


Amir O’Loughlin tells story of The Angel who would Not Bow before Humans



Shahabuddin Less – Teaching StoriesShahabuddin Less – Teaching Stories

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